Today’s temperature feels like 104 degrees.Thunderstorms possible in the afternoon

Update: The heat wave lasted all day! Temperatures are hitting 100 degrees again, with a few patchy thunderstorms in the afternoon.

What’s next: Still warm, decidedly damp, showers or storms (no washouts) mid-week before great weather arrives on Friday and the weekend!

Meteorologist Matt Hammer of the Storm Watch team issued a heat warning with temperatures soaring again into the triple digits and a possible storm.


today: heat alert — Sun and clouds. High-temperature and humidity. Highs hover around 93 degrees, but the mood is between 100 and 104 degrees. A few spotted thunderstorms possible this afternoon and evening. Major Storm Risks: Short gusts and heavy rain.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, mild and muggy. The lowest price is around 73.

Wednesday: not so hot — High-temperature and humidity. The maximum temperature is around 85. Possible showers or storms, mainly late at night. The lowest price is around 71.

Thursday: Sun and clouds – midday showers/downpours. The highest is around 84 and the lowest is around 67.

Friday: Back to beauty! Mostly sunny, low humidity – highs around 81. Minimum temperature around 62.

Saturday: Sunny – low humidity – highs around 80 degrees. Minimum temperature around 63 degrees.

Sunday: Mostly sunny – low humidity – highs around 83 degrees. Minimum temperature around 67 degrees.

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