Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya Coleman walking the runway at TOMMYNOW Spring/Summer 2019

Rumors are true. Tommy Hilfiger makes his grand return to New York Fashion Week on September 11th for his first time in three years. Of course, the quintessential Tommy fashion is more than just a traditional runway show, it’s an immersion that incorporates a cross-generational playground called the Tommy Factory, where designers present the industry’s largest “See Now, Buy Now.” Provides a type experience. platform. For context, consider his TommyNow show his collaboration with Zendaya in 2019 and Gigi Hadid in 2017.

For experimental events, Hilfiger focused on and frequented the factory of Andy Warhol, a pioneer of the cultural revolution in fashion and creativity, from 1962 until its demise in 1983. In addition to paying homage to Warhol, the American designer will amplify New York’s creative energy while profiling what the brand calls “Future Makers” in its Fall 2022 campaign.

While the campaign has yet to be released, the brand has revealed that it was shot by Katie Grand, and supermodel Kate Moss and her daughter, fellow model Lila Moss, will appear together in the campaign for the first time. , the campaign will also include legendary drummer, producer, and Kourtney Kardashian’s lover, Travis Barker. Grammy-winning artist, Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actor, Anthony Ramos. Multiple Grammy® award-winning recordings of his artist, songwriter and composer John Baptiste. Street pop artist, Mr. Brainwash. So does Wigstock drug legend Lady Bunny and tattoo artist Steve Wiebe.

Tommy Hilfiger
Stills from Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Factory Fall 2022 campaign

Tommy Factory It’s not a physical space, it’s a state of mind,” said Tommy Hilfiger in a press release. “Andy’s fascination with pop culture has always captured the heart and soul of American society. His ability to connect with what is most relevant continues to inspire everything I do.” The city is where Andy brought fashion, art, music and entertainment together when I first stepped into the industry.The factory was the place to be.And today it is still the best place to build new creative experiences. It’s his approach that drives me to join the cutting-edge community.”

said Michael Dayton Hermann, Director of Licensing, Marketing and Sales at The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. At Andy Warhol’s factory. Tommy Hilfiger’s campaign is Andy’s unique homage to Warhol, and we are honored to generously support the philanthropic efforts of the Warhol Foundation. ”

of Tommy Factory The experience will take place at the Skyline Drive-In in Brooklyn on September 11th at 7:00 PM EST, and will also have a Roblox synced digital activation. This is the metaverse world that Hilfiger has been exploring a bit lately.

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