Top 10 fashion-obsessed states

Researchers at Karen Millen asked the same question and used several Google search algorithms to calculate which states had the most fashion searches last year. By ranking each of her 50 states according to an analysis of these Google search results, the researchers determined which specific fashion terms were searched the most, giving each state a quantitative representation of their fashion preferences. is ready.

The weather and overall mood clearly show which terms were searched the most, as well as the state’s focus on fashion events and fashion influencer populations. Whether you live in one of these states or plan to visit them soon, we encourage you to pay attention to your wardrobe choices here!

Here are the top 10 most fashion-obsessed states.

10. Rhode Island

The smallest states love fashion. The preppy style is confirmed by high search rates for clothing such as sweatshirts and dresses. Colorful, classic Rhode Island style is fun and matches the energy of the beautiful, colorful state.

9. Georgia

Georgia’s summer fashion is simply adorable, but style is a major aspect of the state’s culture all year round. During the study period, dresses and jeans were frequently searched online. Cool girl styles and preppy colors are a state statement style!

8. Delaware

Delaware residents often search for a variety of fashion terms, with sneakers and leather being the most common, as well as a wide range of other fashion searches. With a wide mix of beachy, preppy and clean girl aesthetics, Delaware women love online fashion and are experts at recreating those looks!

7. Alabama and Mississippi

Alabama and Mississippi jointly tie for seventh and have the most searches for jeans than any other state. Denim is a staple here, styled according to different style aesthetics.

6. Massachusetts

Another New England fashion state made the top 10! Massachusetts residents were looking for a sweatshirt style that combined several fashion aesthetics into one garment. Women here style it with cargo pants and sneakers, and pair it with jeans for a preppy look.

5. Maryland

New England style continues in Maryland, where it ranks fifth on the list. The region’s most popular searches include handbags and leather jackets, demonstrating simple, purposeful style. The changing seasons and beautiful surroundings bring a wide variety of fashion styles and aesthetics.

4. Connecticut

Connecticut, ranked No. 4, focuses on fashion searches for dresses. This implies a sweet femininity that should not be ignored. The classic preppy New Her England style stands out here, and light layers are highly recommended for much of the spring and summer season. Casual and comfortable styles are common throughout the state, with stunning scenery and colorful seasonal colors galore.

3. California

Hollywood glamor and beachy chic meet year-round in California. Leather pants and handbags are among the top California fashion searches, and represent all of LA’s streetwear for the fall/winter season. Major award ceremonies such as the Grammys and Academy Awards also draw a lot of attention to the fashion industry and interest across the state, with celebrities and influencers galore.

2. New Jersey

New Jersey is the second most fashion-obsessed state. Try pairing nice sneakers with effortless and cool girl style. This is, unsurprisingly, the #1 fashion search in New Jersey. Classy neutrals, lots of sweaters, and expert layering are staples of her New Jersey fashion. The majority of New Jersey influencers have moody Instagram themes that convey all the cool girl vibes.

1. New York

Anyone shocked by this? It’s no surprise that the city, home to New York Fashion Week and home to most of the country’s major designers, tops the list. The fashion industry is a major part of our culture, and naturally, this energy permeates even the average woman living across the state.

Home to designer labels and thrift stores, basic t-shirts and fine jeans also fly in this state when it comes to fashion. Leather jackets and classic handbags are popular from winter to the following year. It’s clear that New Yorkers care about what and who they wear year-round.

At the end

The top 10 fashion states are an interesting mix of styles from all over the country. Are you from one of these fashion-obsessed states?

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