Top 25 Fastest Growing Real Estate Firms on Inc.’s 5000 List

Inc. on Tuesday released its Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing independent companies for 2022, with nearly 200 innovative real estate companies on the list.

Topping the real estate category was theLender. It is a mortgage company based in Lake Forest, CA that works with both homebuyers and brokers. Between 2018 and 2021, theLender’s revenue grew an astounding 20,489% of his, making the company ranked #1. #11 overall on Inc.’s 5000 list.

Proptech, real estate investment and property management firms also ranked high in real estate, including well-known industry names such as Orchard and Ribbon.

Companies on Inc.’s list this year were ranked by revenue growth from 2018 to 2021. To be eligible for the ranking, businesses must be established and profitable by March 31, 2018. It must also be a private, for-profit independent company based in the United States as of December 31, 2021. Subsidiaries were excluded. Additionally, companies had to achieve a minimum of $100,000 in revenue in 2018 and a minimum of $2 million in 2021.

Real estate companies on Inc.’s 5000 list had a median growth rate of 1,952% and a median revenue of $10.7 million from 2018 to 2021. In total, these companies made him $12.2 billion in revenue and added 14,660 jobs. In 2018, 23 new companies were established and 116 companies have been on his Inc. 5000 list more than once.

See below for the top 25 fastest growing independent real estate companies in the US in 2022.

1. Lender

Credit: theLender / Facebook

Growth rate: 20,489%

Overall ranking: 11th

theLender is a mortgage company based in Lake Forest, CA that works with homebuyers and brokers. Since his inception in 2017, the company has funded over $5.5 billion in loans and served more than 25,000 customers.


Growth rate: 5,291%

Overall ranking: 75th

HqO is a workplace experience platform that enables communication with tenants in office buildings, flex spaces and even rental properties. Its products facilitate building access control, employee or tenant feedback, food ordering or workplace service, and more.

3. Spartan Investment Group

Growth rate: 3,539%

Overall ranking: 128th

Spartan Investment Group provides turnkey real estate purchasing and management services for investors, with a current focus on self-storage assets. The company’s workforce is spread across his nine states, with offices in Denver and Seattle.

4. Ribbon

Credit: Ribbon/Facebook

Growth rate: 3,172%

Overall ranking: 161st

Ribbon is an up-and-coming power buyer that helps empower customers with offers with cash back. Despite the company’s recent rapid growth, Ribbon announced at the end of June that it would lay off about a third of its workforce as it adapted to the “new reality” of the market.

5. Point Digital Finance

Growth rate: 3,103%

Overall ranking: 165th

Points allow homeowners to use their mortgage as a line of credit or in cash. The Palo Alto-based company advertises low minimum credit scores, no income requirements, and no monthly payments on some of its products.

6. Disrupting fairness

Growth rate: 2,975%

Overall ranking: 174th

Multifamily real estate syndication companies allow investors to passively invest in multifamily properties. The firm is headquartered in Houston, Texas and offers investments throughout Texas and many other southern markets.

7. Surefire Group

Growth rate: 2,919%

Overall ranking: 179th

The Surefire Group is a real estate company that offers a suite of services in residential real estate, mortgages, ownership, home health care and technology. The company has grown over time from a brokerage firm founded in Manayunk, Pennsylvania in 2014.

8. San Diego homebuyer

Growth rate: 2,749%

Overall ranking: 192nd

The San Diego Home Buyer is a San Diego-based iBuyer that specializes in off-market property purchases.

9. Orchard

Credit: Orchard

Growth rate: 2,350%

Overall ranking: 226th

Orchard is another well-known Power Buyer that has grown rapidly in recent years to provide consumers with a streamlined digital buying experience. Like Ribbon, the company has announced a number of layoffs in recent months but is still hiring.

10. 72 sold

Growth rate: 2,065%

Overall ranking: 260th

72Sold is an online home auction platform that allows sellers to choose when to sell their homes and gives them flexibility for how long they can stay in their homes after closing.

11. Mortgage One

Growth rate: 1,952%

Overall ranking: 284th

Founded in 2012 in Carlsbad, California, MortgageOne offers borrowers many mortgage options.

12. Pad split

Growth rate: 1,937%

Overall ranking: 290th

PadSplit is a co-living marketplace for furnished homes with utilities created to help low-income workers achieve financial independence.

13. iVueit

Growth rate: 1,885%

Overall ranking: 302nd

iVueit is a company that provides external and internal views of properties so that property managers can monitor the state of their properties.

14. SCGWest Development

Growth rate: 1,860%

Overall ranking: 307th

This property development company offers turnkey corporate and commercial real estate solutions including architecture and design, development and construction, and tenant improvement.

15. Acquisition of Skystone

Growth rate: 1,759%

Overall ranking: 324th

Skystone Acqusitions is a wholesale investment broker that acquires and resells residential investment properties to help investors build their portfolios.

16. Home light


Growth rate: 1,663%

Overall ranking: 351st

HomeLight offers all-cash offers to its clients and realtor partners. The company recently acquired rival cash offer firm

17. OJO Lab

Growth rate: 1,650%

Overall Ranking: 355

OJO Labs is a real estate technology platform that helps facilitate consumer buying and selling of homes. The company has its own search portal called Movoto.

18. Morty

Growth rate: 1,624%

Overall ranking: 363rd

Morty is an online mortgage comparison platform that enables consumers to compare various mortgage offers and settle online.

19. Post Real Estate Group

Growth rate: 1,503%

Overall ranking: 402nd

Post Real Estate Group is a real estate investment firm that provides investment, acquisition, development, asset and property management services for residential and commercial real estate.

20. Dash Carolina

Credit: Dash/Facebook

Growth rate: 1,422%

Overall ranking: 436th

DASH Carolina is a home brokerage firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina that also provides title and insurance services.

21. Onyx Group

Growth rate: 1,414%

Overall ranking: 441st

Onicx Group provides development, construction, acquisition, management and investment services to clients. The company is based in Tampa, Florida.

22. Kupperman Companies

Growth rate: 1,181%

Overall ranking: 527th

Kupperman is a New Orleans-based real estate developer that specializes in residential and commercial redevelopment along the Gulf Coast.

23. 5511 Ventures

Growth rate: 1,125%

Overall ranking: 558th

5511 VENTURES is a full-service brokerage firm based in Richmond, Texas, providing residential and commercial sales and consulting services.

24. Bluefield

Growth rate: 1,096%

Overall ranking: 580th

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, the real estate firm provides brokerage, property management, and insurance services statewide.

25. Apex Capital Realty

Growth rate: 1,058%

Overall ranking: 602nd

APEX Capital Realty is a commercial brokerage firm based in Miami, Florida that provides investment sales, leasing, consulting, marketing and other advisory services.

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