Top New Jersey News Stories Tuesday

Here are the top news stories in New Jersey for Tuesday, January 17, 2023:

New Jersey Man Hears Car Alarm, Starts Shooting — Arrested
Pietro Ventricelli, 44, of Howell, shot three times at a rideshare driver after his girlfriend’s son’s friend accidentally set off the car alarm while waiting for a ride.

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New Jersey State Police: Who Took Down This Retaining Wall in Thayerville?
Police were looking for those responsible for damage to a retaining wall at Thayerville in the early hours of January 6, using heavy equipment on a construction project in Ashland.

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Hazlett, New Jersey mother died a ‘hero’ trying to save daughter from fire
Jacqueline Montanaro died trying to save her daughter Madeleine from a fire at her Hazlett home on January 13, 2023, and her husband William wants to let the world know.

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Large alligator found in Neptune, New Jersey
A good Samaritan found a 3-foot juvenile alligator in a plastic tub on the lot next to his home in Neptune Township on a freezing Sunday night.

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Are you overwhelmed with reusables? NJ table plans to revive paper bags
The New Jersey Food Council has voted against legislation calling for the return of certain single-use paper bags.

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