Tory Burch and Sarah Huber congratulate American fashion icon Claire McCardell

What will you wear to the presentation of the book titled what shall i wear Tory Burch, of course. Unless you can get Claire McCardell.

Revolutionary American designer, Claire McCardell announced in 1956, what shall i wear It was a 1950s guide to stylish dressing, and fast forward to 2022, McCardell served as the muse for Tory Burch’s Spring 2023 collection. To celebrate the collection and return McCardell to the American language, Burch worked with publisher her Abrams Image to republish and update the book. For the 2022 edition, Burch wrote the foreword, describing her renewed fascination with McCardell’s work and her initiative to create an exhibition of Claire McCardell at the Maryland Center for History and Culture. I am writing to

Claire McCardell isn’t a household name today, but she was in the mid-twentieth century. She is known for radical fashion innovations of her time, such as dresses with pockets and zippers, ballet her flats, wrap her dresses, and spaghetti her straps. A Diana Vreeland-endorsed Parson graduate of Vogue, McCardell was inspired by American streetwear. In the 1940s and 1950s, it was common for American women to wear ready-to-wear designs, such as skirts made from surplus weather balloons and adjustable zipper dresses. Claire McCardell is a very important example of that…she was fearless, she was confident, she was radical, she broke the norm. “She changed our outfits for today,” Birch explained at the book premiere. Please don’t dress for my husband.”

Commemorating the reissue what shall i wear, Tory Burch hosted a cocktail party and art history dialogue at her Soho boutique with author and art historian Sarah Huber. The reception was on her first floor in Tory Burch’s Mercer Street store, where guests sipped cocktails surrounded by Tory Burch accessories. Among those in attendance were Emily Ratajkowski, Huma Abedin, Paul Earnhold, Isolde Brielmayer and Stefano Tonchi. Ratajkowski, who just walked Burch’s New York fashion show last month, looked just as straight off the runway as Burch did.Sarah Hoover, who wore a Tory Burch design inspired by McCardell, trend About her personal dress advice. “Have fun. Refuse to conform to social conventions so you can make room for others. Live your truth through your clothes.”

Later in the evening, fashionable attendees took to the second floor for a moving conversation between Birch and Hoover. , rewrote the history of feminism to motherhood, colonialist patriarchy, and even compared McCardell to the painter Alice Neal. Like Claire McCardell’s 1950s design, what came out of the conversation was timeless, not old-fashioned.

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