Toys “R” Us tries another revival in a new location for The American Dream

The iconic toy store, Toys R Us, is making a fresh comeback with a new flagship store at the American Dream Megamall.

The New Jersey-based company is hoping to hit the back of the school year ahead of a new partnership with Macy’s.

A back-to-school-themed meet-and-greet with Toys R Us mascot Jeffrey the Giraffe attracted dozens of families to the East Rutherford Mall. Part of the afternoon was spent teaching kids the Toys R Us jingles that were popular in the 1980s and his 1990s.

Toys R Us closed 800 retail stores four years ago due to financial difficulties. There was a mini-comeback two years ago, but those talks are over as well.

In a mall that currently boasts attractions, Toys R Us’ location may be its biggest draw.

“all [my son] cared the whole time we were on nickelodeon [Universe] I was planning to go to Toysrus. That’s all he wanted to do all day,” says Justin Adomitis, of Massachusetts. “He saw Ninja Box and got Ninja Box. What do you want to do when you get back to the hotel? What do you play with? Ninja Box.”

“It makes me happy and makes me feel like a kid to have them come back and attend events,” said Pablo Sepulveda, a Bronx resident.

The American Dream could use this boost to solve its widely reported financial woes. Governor Phil Murphy expressed his support for the American Dream earlier this month.

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