Troy Offers Church, Other Property In Tax Foreclosure Sale

TROY-Queens-based Albany’s South Korean Baptist Church’s 454 Hoosick St. property, which is believed to have left in 2019, is on the city’s list of tax-deductible properties to be sold in August, city officials say. said.

Albany’s Korean Baptist Church has stopped submitting required exempt property reports to the city in 2019, according to city records, said Jon Sarka, a spokesman for Mayor Patrick Madden. A representative for one church could not be reached for comment.

Property taxes quickly rose to $255,644 when the church stopped claiming tax-exempt status, Sarka said after reviewing tax records on Friday.

The city has listed the property among 57 lots for sale.

“The next round of foreclosed properties is now available for public tender. This popular program will help stabilize neighborhoods by returning unused buildings and vacant lots to productive use. We encourage the interested public to take a look at the list of properties available for sale this summer,” Madden said.

The church property stands out among the list of vacant homes and residential properties. Located on Hoosick Street and South Lake Avenue, the church is a recognizable landmark for commuters along Hoosick Street, which is also Route 7.

The church was home to the Memorial Methodist Church before merging with the Hope United Methodist Church in Eagle Mills, in the town of Brunswick, said Kathy, a Troy and Rensselaer County historian based at the Hart Crewett Museum in Troy. Sheehan said.

Property listings and information about the bidding process are available on the City’s website at

The city’s office of judges is accepting proposals for available properties until 4:00 p.m. on August 29. 5001, Troy New York 12180 By 4:00 pm, August 29, or in person at the office. Open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Persons who have a tax lien on their property or who have open code enforcement violations are not eligible to bid on any property.

The city will host an open house for the program on Wednesday, August 3, and details will be announced.

If you have any questions about the foreclosed property sale process or a particular property, please contact the appraisal office at 518-279-7126 or 518-279-7127.

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