Two years later, Bridgeport mother awaits answers in son’s murder

It’s been two years since a Bridgeport mother lost her son in a fatal shooting, and she’s still waiting for answers.

News 12 reporter Shosh Bedrosian has been in frequent contact with the family, who say they have been in contact with Bridgeport Police detectives but have made no progress in his son’s murder.

According to police, 24-year-old Heriberto Marquez was shot dead near the corner of Hanover and Iranistan streets on August 30, 2020. His mother, Elizabeth Delgado, told News 12 that she was walking towards her father’s house when her son was killed.

“I know someone is out there,” Delgado said. “That’s all I know. Some people have seen it and they say nothing.”

Delgado is still living with the same pain she felt the day she found out her son died, and wants to share her story so her son’s name and incident will never be forgotten.

“They have his phone, wallet, ID, clothes that were murdered, sneakers that were murdered,” she added.

The last update News 12 got from police is surveillance footage released in February 2021. Bridgeport police seized the subject inside a convenience store and a white SUV outside.

“How sick does it feel to think of how to take someone’s life, go to the store and buy an ice cream or a soda, and do it after or after or before you kill someone?” asks Delgado.

Delgado says the memory of her son will never go away, but the pain of not being able to find her killer remains every day. She urges anyone with information about her son’s murder to contact the police.

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