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NJ MVC Flyer


wood. October 13, 2022, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM ET

Click the links below to register with Lyons or East Orange. Please do not register more than once.

You can renew your DL (REAL ID if it expires within 6 months), renew your registration, veteran, handicap, Purple Heart winner placard, permit, and non-driver ID . There is space for 40 guests, plus he has 10 guests on the standby list.

License plate drop-offs are also permitted and will not count towards the number of customers you can serve during the event.

Customers require 6 point ID and must bring their social security card. Those who do not have a Social Security card can submit an affidavit found on the MVC website. Instead of a Social Security card, the customer can present her W2 from the previous tax year (2020), current payslip (number cannot be edited), or 1099 form. These are the only replacements for SS cards.

Please note that the following transactions are not possible.

knowledge test



License transfer

Permit test (Issuing a permit)

Business vehicle registration


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