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Washington Co., WI – Realtor Wendy Wendorf of Homestead Realty Here are some tips for home buyers and sellers. “Remember this saying: ‘Marry home, date rate.'”


Washington County

“The number one question is, how’s the real estate market going? It’s great that you’re telling buyers to buy now. When you’re making a decision, you have to marry the house and date the rate.”

“What that means is that you can always find a home you love and dating rates

Buy later at a lower price.

“You can always refinance. Smart homeowners are watching the banks and waiting for interest rates to drop and refinance. In the meantime, you can live in the house you want.

“Whether you downsize, drop the kids off at school, get closer to work, or just love a home down the block, do it.

Wendy marries Blossom

“Home prices are not going down. This is it. The market is booming. Time to sell and time to buy. Time to marry home and date rates.”

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Wendorf at Homestead Realty. Click here for more information.

Wendy Wendorf

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