View Data: Housing Types and Homeownership Rates Across Oakland County pt 3: Population up to 9,999

View Data: Housing Types and Homeownership Rates Across Oakland County pt 3: Population up to 9,999

(Kurt Metzger, August 9, 2022)

Oakland County, Michigan – Housing is an integral part of community development. It affects residents and governments, property values, local income, public services, and community stability.

A survey of housing types by community in Oakland County shows the wide range of construction types available. On the other hand, looking at tenure (owner-tenant occupancy) shows the concept of ‘permanent’ (owners) and ‘temporary’ (tenant) housing. ).

I decided to look at the share of “single-family, single-family” (typical single-family homes) residential units in each community. In the first article, we focused on communities with populations greater than 50,000 and communities with populations between 20,000 and 49,999. Second, we looked at communities with populations between 10,000 and 19,999. In this final article, we’ll focus on 26 communities with a population of less than 10,000.[1].

Oakland County’s 12 communities (6 cities, 1 township, 5 villages) have populations of less than 4,000 as of July 1, 2021. (Fig. 1) Populations vary from 916 in the city of Clarkston to his 3,462 in Oxford Village. Four communities, Franklin, Pleasant Ridge, Orchard Lake, and Sylvan Lake, have single-family housing rates above 90% (actually 93.4-99.2%). At the bottom are Bingham Farms (52.4%) and Royal Oak Township (58.9%). Ownership rates generally match well with single-family homes, ranging from 27.8% in Royal Oak Township to 97.6% in Orchard Lake.

The relationship between structure and tenure completely collapses on both ends of the spectrum. On the “over-achieved” edge is Bingham Farms, with 94.4% ownership, 42% higher than single-unit structure shares (with a large number of apartments/townhomes/condos for sale) . Low performers are Royal Oak Townships (58.9% single units and only 27.8% owners), with high foreclosures (mortgage and tax related…recent County Treasurer has been trying to eliminate tax foreclosures). working) resulted in an absentee landlord who changed these houses. for rent.

Oakland County’s 11 communities (4 cities, 4 townships, 3 villages) have populations between 4,000 and 9,999 as of July 1, 2021. Walled Lake. Four communities—Huntington Woods, Addison Township, Lords Township, and Ruthrup Village—have over 90% share of single-family homes (actually 92.9-99.8%). Walled Lake (32.5%) and Holly Village (53.7%) are at the bottom. Homeownership rates generally align well with single-family homes, but range from a low of 55.9% in Wall Drake to a high of 96.1% in Huntington Woods. Addison Township, Ruthrup Village City and Lords Township join Huntington Woods, which has over 90% ownership. Additionally, Bloomfield Hills and Groveland Township had 89%.

Most of the communities in this group retained the owner-occupied/single-family structure relationship, but four communities had ten percent or more higher ownership than the single-family shares. Wald Lake leads the gap (23.4 points difference), followed by Holly Township, Bloomfield Hills and Holly Village.

[1] Due to space limitations in the figure, three communities with populations less than 500 (161 Novi Township, 287 Lake Angelus, and 357 Leonard Village) are not included in the figure. All three had share of single-family detached homes, with ownership rates between 90% and 100%.

For more articles on the census and other interesting numbers, visit the Oakland County Times database story archive. Thanks to his data expert Kurt Metzger for doing this work.

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