Villager heading to jail after repeated attempts to get drugs at Walgreens

Justin Anthony Childs
Justin Anthony Childs

A village resident with a long criminal record is heading to jail after repeatedly trying to get drugs at Walgreens and other pharmacies.

Justin Childs, 30, who lived in Cellars Court at Emery Villa in the village of Mallory Square for the past few years, was sentenced to four years in prison. At last week’s sentencing hearing in Sumter County Court, Childs was admitted to having already served 391 days at the Sumter Court Detention Center, where he has been held since July 23, 2021.

The Boca Raton native was released from a Florida prison in 2017 after serving four years on burglary and theft charges. Shortly after his release from prison, Childs found his way to his friendliest hometown in Florida. Emery While living in his villas, he befriended his 74-year-old neighbor who recently lost his wife. Childs is arrested on suspicion of lending a hand to the man’s bank account. The man subsequently died. His villa had been foreclosed on by the utility shutting down. His abandoned home was the subject of a public hearing last year before the Community Development District 6 Oversight Board.

After the prosecution dropped the charges and that arrest was resolved, Childs began shopping for doctors in desperation to get a steady supply of painkillers. I was visiting “several different doctors.” Creekside, Lake Sumter Landing His medical doctor told investigators that Childs was discharged as a patient because of his repeated requests for painkillers.

In June 2021, Childs planned to fill fake prescriptions at Walgreens pharmacies in Colony Plaza, Spanish Plains Plaza and Lake Deaton Plaza. In desperation, Childs found a man through a “hookup” and asked him to retrieve the fake prescription. Childs instructed the man to pick him up at the Cavritz home, which had been foreclosed and was under a cloud of deed compliance cases. He said he didn’t know what he was trying to do.

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