Washington Commissioner Considers MOU for Fair Entertainment Plaza Cosmetics Upgrade

The Washington County Fairs Association (WCFA) is looking to improve the appearance of the Entertainment Plaza at the Washington County Expo.

On Tuesday, the WCFA will ask county commissioners to approve a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the plaza upgrade.

Enhancements included covering all exposed and cracked insulation with PBR panels, installing new blinds in the side rooms, and repainting all wood areas.

All materials and labor will be funded by WCFA and no repayments or credits are expected against the lease with the county to use the Expo.

Another fair-related item the court will discuss is the approval of right-of-way permits for the September 10 fair trail ride.thAn estimated 175 riders will participate.

Also on Tuesday, commissioners will vote on providing additional lieutenants and vehicles for the 2022 budget year of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at Burton ISD.

Among other items, the Commissioner will consider:

  • Presented the Texas Historical Commission’s 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award to the Washington County Historical Commission.
  • Presentation of service awards to county employees with 15 years of service.
  • We purchased a used pickup truck from LaRoche for our Washington County IT department.
  • Spring Creek Estates Preliminary Lot, Section 3, 23 Lot Residential Development, Crestview Lane Extension at Precinct 2.
  • Formal notice from DCP Intrastate Network, LLC regarding drilling of 10 inch steel gas pipeline at Sandtown Road, District 4.
  • Subdivision differential requirements for land divisions facing Old Chappell Hill Road, Precinct 2 and Strangmeier Road, Precinct 3.
  • Joe Ellis, Alfonzo Gomez Jr., and Craig Wiesepape renewed their ties with the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

The commissioners will meet at the Washington County Courthouse at 9:00 am on Tuesday.



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