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Photo by Eric Ayers The City of Wheeling has begun the process of finding a replacement for Dennis Magruder, who is retiring from his job as Executive Director of Sports and Entertainment at Greater Wheeling in October.

WHEELING — Officials on the City of Wheeling and its Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Authority board have begun the process of searching for a new executive director to fill the position later this fall.

A new Executive Director is being sought to replace Denny Magruder, Executive Director of Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment, who will oversee the operations of Wes Banko Arena and the Capitol Theater and is retiring on October 1. In 1986 Wheeling became the manager of what was then known as the Civic Center, but retired after 36 and a half years of award-winning service to the community.

Over the past two weeks, the Board has publicly promoted its status as Magruder’s successor. The first batch of résumés received this week were sent to search committee members for initial review, according to Wheeling city manager Robert Herron.

“We advertised locally as well as with the International Association of Venue Managers,” Herron said on Tuesday. “So far he has received 11 resumes and expects more.”

Members of the search committee include Herron and Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Authority board members John Culler, Ned George, and Kevin Duffin.

As stated in the recruitment advertisement for the new Managing Director, the position will remain open until filled, but the first review of resumes was scheduled for August 8.

According to the call for applications, the City of Wheeling is seeking “a dynamic leader with experience in theatrical, entertainment and sports venues for its next Executive Director.” His current salary listed for this position is $91,000.

Herron said the search committee was looking for qualified individuals to take over duties at two of the city’s major entertainment venues and was interested in having executive directors perform those duties, rather than the management company. I emphasized that there is

“Denny is retiring after serving a very successful term,” Herron said. “I hope we can find someone with the right experience. It will be the same structure that the new Managing Director reports to the Board. We will meet in the coming weeks to discuss the pool of potential candidates.” is.”

The new Executive Director will be responsible for all operational management of the 7,000-seat WesBanco Arena and the 2,300-seat Capitol Theater. He or she will also act as a spokesperson for both venues.

One of the key duties of the new Executive Director is to identify and secure events for the city’s two major entertainment venues. The City of Wheeling recently put the financial backing behind this effort and created an incentive to attract big names to book a show at Friendly City.

Last year, Wheeling City Council established an Entertainment Endowment Fund and ad hoc committee to help expedite and attract various entertainment acts to the city’s performing arts venues.

According to city officials, the purpose of the new commission is to establish a group of people interested in the music scene, the comedy scene and all sorts of other national acts, and which shows do well in the Wheeling market. It will help you decide if it works. The committee will provide recommendations to the Greater Wheeling Sports and Entertainment Board and the group will work together to decide whether to proceed with a particular show. , which may offset some of the upfront risk.

Officials noted that domestic promoters are more likely to want to book shows at Wheeling if they can avoid the possibility of absorbing the initial investment risk.

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