We found the best vegan food in Jackson Heights, Queens

When you think of vegan food in New York City, Williamsburg, or the Lower East Side, the variety of juice shops, gourmet restaurants, and vegan-only restaurants immediately come to mind. The Jackson Heights neighborhood in northwest Queens is the last neighborhood to be described as vegan-friendly for its meat-heavy Latin American and South Asian cuisine. But those looking to try new foods from around the world shouldn’t miss this bustling immigrant district in the heart of Queens. Here are his seven places to eat flavorful, all-vegan meals while exploring Jackson Heights.

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Trisha Mukherjee

1 Bangladeshi Cuisine at Huska House

This humble food cart on 37th Street boasts fresh, fast food Husca— Mashed potatoes, chickpeas, onions, coriander, spicy masala, tamarind sauce — A popular Bangladeshi snack consisting of crunchy brown semolina shells stuffed with a sour sauce made from the pureed pulp of the tamarind fruit.

Pour tamarind sauce over one of the shells and pop the whole thing in your mouth for an amazing explosion of flavors.To follow up with something fruity, try guava or mango chart— A South Asian snack of spiced fruit. You won’t regret it.
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2 Thai food in Sompong

Cozy with dark wood walls and Buddha statues, Sompong offers plenty of vegan options. Many vegan appetizers and entrees, such as steamed vegetable dumplings, creamy green curry with crunchy vegetables, and spicy drunken noodles (with an egg skipped), taste better when you know there’s something sweet about them. increase. Sompong offers vegan desserts in the form of mango sticky rice infused with coconut milk. This is the perfect finishing touch to a deliciously spicy meal.
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VegNews. ArepaLadyAreparedi

3 Arepa Lady’s Colombian Cuisine

The restaurant’s namesake Latin American cornmeal cake is usually made with cheese, but Arepa Lady offers several vegan options to choose from. lucky!

The restaurant owner hails from Medellín, Colombia and started his venture as a street cart over ten years ago.Street corn is recommended as an appetizer arepa de chocloTopped with black beans, guacamole, sweet plantains, lettuce, tomato and avocado, it’s one of the most popular menu items. Request a vegan meal to ensure your meal is animal-free. The chef will be happy to accommodate.
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VegNews. PhayulTrisha Mukherjee

Four Payulu’s Tibetan Cuisine

Phayul offers an elegant and lean dining experience. Veggie momo (dumplings) and vegirasa (fried noodles) seem to meet vegan standards, but be careful as the skin and noodles of the momo are made with eggs.

For a vegan diet, wrapping, Cold noodle roll dish as an appetizer. Thick handmade noodles made with mung bean flour are served cold with a spicy sauce.follow wrapping with a heap of vegetables Sentuk— A warm, handmade noodle soup with vegetables that helps Tibetan nomads beat the winter cold.

These typical Tibetan dishes taste like no other in the world and are worth a visit if you love trying new foods. However, if chili peppers are not in your diet, you may find them spicy. If you have low spice tolerance, let your server know. The chef customizes the dishes to save your sensitive taste buds.
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Five Middle Eastern Food in El Toum

Choose your favorite appetizer at El Toum. All vegan. Recommend Ertoum his appetizers, which offer a range of light bites, from smoky, spiced hummus to fresh-herbed tabouli.

Pair it with a falafel platter, a falafel sandwich (served in pita bread, of course), or a vegan spinach pie with pumpkin. Kibbe (food like football-shaped croquettes made from bulgur wheat and fresh herbs), your vegan meal is assembled. please. Hop on because it might be gone the next day. Specials move quickly.
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6 Mexican food at Taqueria Coatzingo

The Facebook page was last updated in 2017, but the property is alive and well. Embodying the extraordinary diversity of its surroundings, the entrance of Taqueria Coatingo is covered with national flags from all over the world.

This casual Mexican joint has been in business for 20 years and has enough vegan food to last a few meals. As with most Mexican food, you should order a vegetarian dish like Tacos Vegetarianos and request a few changes that are cream, cheese, or other dairy free. If you need to increase the vegetable content, Nopal salad – a bed of vegetables topped with tender cuts of cooked cactus leaves, aka Nopal.

To wash it all down, head next door to the California Sports Bar for a cocktail while watching a live game. football on TV with the locals. The energy is unmatched.
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VegNews.BhanchaGarBancha Gar

7 Nepali Food in Bancha Garh, Nepal

Located just below the 74th Street-Roosevelt subway station, this family-run restaurant features a vibrant interior that includes a large group of Nepali-speaking friends, music blaring from speakers, Buddha and Ganesha statues, and mounted Himalayan photographs. welcomes guests. on the orange wall.

Tofu chili serves as a spicy, yet mouth-watering appetizer. If you’re looking for unique Nepalese food and are open to new textures, try Nepal Dido as a main dish. This dish is made by adding wheat flour to boiling water until it has a bread-like texture and is served with a variety of vegan curries. Puri (Indian skillet), served with potato curry, arrives at the table piping hot and puffy.
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