Weekly Wraps: Real Estate Trusts, Air Travel, Inflation Control Laws

Editor’s Pick

The 10 Most Undervalued Real Estate Investment Trusts
Dividend-yielding REITs have rallied on recession fears, but stocks like Simon Property Group and Welltower look cheap.

Flyers aren’t walking around when it comes to air travel and sustainability
Less than 1% of flyers buy carbon offsets. What does that mean for airline stocks?

Grass Half-Full Market: Revenue Drops Are Getting More Passes
Q2 results weren’t really impressive, but investors are showing rewards anyway.

Hidden costs of IRA rollovers
Rising fees can seriously hurt returns if investors stray from their workplace plans.

Electric cars are the winners of the anti-inflation law
New legislation imposes liability on the EV market.

Will I bond forever?
The long-term outlook for this year’s investment fashion.

How to build a recession-proof portfolio
These types of stocks and bonds tend to hold up well during recessions.

Investing is more than just risk and return
A tribute to the immeasurable.

Should I receive the minimum required distribution “in kind”?
This year’s tax regime will remain unchanged, but will help prevent investment delays and lower taxes on future profits.

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Planning
The basics of a good estate plan and how to create one.

Effects of Inflation on Stocks and Bonds
A strategy for isolating a portfolio from inflation.

Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Bonds
How should investors think about bond allocations now?

Two Strategies at American Fund Get Upgrades
Below are highlights from the July assessment.

3 stock funds to rise in a downturn
Energy and utility stocks helped boost the performance of these funds.

Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF is one of the best
Morningstar analysts say the fund’s low cost and broad coverage should help it outperform in the long run.

Stock of the Week: Bausch Health
Markets have reacted harshly to recent court rulings.

AMD stock is a bargain
Advanced Micro Devices’ growth has been impressive and the company continues to gain market share at the expense of Intel, analysts at Morningstar said.

Do dividend stocks offer a refuge from recession?
Stocks with above-average payouts can generally hold up, but not all dividend strategies are created equal.

Is Your Strategic Beta ETF Secretly Picking Stocks?
The answer may surprise you.

10 best companies to invest in now
Undervalued stocks in blue chip companies are attractive investments today.

Hare Aku Nade for I Bonds
Now is the perfect time to buy today’s investment darling.

Is inflation another form of sequencing risk?
Retirement expert Wade Pfau shares concerns about retiree spending rates.

Michael Santoli: Navigating an uncertain market outlook
CNBC’s senior market commentators discuss corporate earnings, rising interest rates and inflation, stock valuations, and more.

Milk powder shortage tests prospects for manufacturers
Product safety issues threaten competitive advantage. Be aware of Reckitt’s restructuring plans.

Pursuit of equity income
Dividend veterans bring their expertise to the Morningstar Investment Conference.

Tesla Shareholder Meeting Results: What Did We Learn?
Strong support for changes in environmental, social and governance practices means Tesla’s board will need to make some important decisions.

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NVIDIA Corporation
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