Welcome to Real Estate Friday!

This week we’re highlighting a property in Pittsfield’s Onota Lake by Victoria Standing of Stone House Properties.

Here’s what we have to offer in this week’s The Edge Real Estate section:

  • Property of the Week – Wow! Stone House Properties’ Victoria Standring offers a gorgeous home with a gorgeous lake at the edge of the lawn.
  • Transformations – Designer Ritch Holben explores the many benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU), including some great examples.
  • Weekly property deals in Berkshire, Northern Litchfield and now Columbia counties
  • Market Outlook – In the second quarter of 2022, the market appears to be normalizing, but has yet to return to pre-2021 levels.
  • Self-Taught Gardener – When the weather changes from last year’s rain-soaked summer to this year’s bone-dry season, what are the right plants in the right places?
  • Gardener’s Checklist – Berkshire Gardener! Is it time to clean carrots, pick melons and move houseplants indoors? Ron Kujawski has the answer.

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