Weld County Retail Food Inspection August 15-19, 2022

Weld County evaluates food restaurants, schools, grocery stores, and other establishments in three categories: passing, needing reinspection, and closed. According to the county, as part of the county’s scoring index, officials are reviewing cooling, reheating, cooking refrigeration and warming equipment, cross-contamination between raw and ready-to-eat food, and employee hygiene. Evaluate facilities for factors such as:

“Pass” — Facilities meet basic food safety standards. Facilities may have priority, high priority foundations, or core breaches. Some or all of the violations were fixed during inspection.

“Needs re-examination” — Food safety violations may have been discovered and remedied, but assessments require reinspection to ensure basic food standards are being met.

“closed” — Severe unsanitary conditions or other imminent health hazards are detected. Facilities have multiple priority, priority base or core violations that represent high risk. The facility must cease operations until the conditions and violations are corrected.

The following restaurants and facilities were evaluated from August 15-19, 2022.


65th Ave. Wing Shack, 1815 65th Ave. — pass

Abarrotes La Cruz, 2004 8th St. — pass

C&J Mexican Restaurants LLC, 722 5th Avenue — pass

Carniceria La Preferida, 3487 10th St. — closed

Cheba Hut Greeley, 1645 8th Ave. — pass

Chipotle Mexican Grill #910, 807 17th St. — pass

Comfort Inn & Suites Greeley, 2467 29th Street — pass

El Melo Melo, 1002 25th Ave — pass

JFE Snow Fox Sushi, 2100 35th Ave. — pass

MDHoofe Market, 715 25th St. — pass

Singh Food and Conoco, 213 18th St. — pass

Sonic Drive-In, 5920 10th St. — pass

The Blue Mug Coffee Bar, 807 17th St. — pass

Tika Devi Inc., 4821 Yellowstone Drive— Re-inspection required


El Coco Pirata-Greeley, 2812 11th Ave. — Re-inspection required

Panaderia Quetzal, 3607 23rd Street— pass

Pizza Street, 2907 37th St. —pass

Walgreens #02086, 3700 35th Avenue — pass


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