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The Wellsville Tiger mascot poses with some friends during a photo shoot at the school district’s back-to-school bash in the back of the high school on Tuesday afternoon. included inflatables and games, representatives of the village security forces, as well as various vendors and agencies. (review/special to Stephanie Ujhelyi)

WELLSVILLE — School board members decided to trust the intuition of superintendent Richard Belethic, who had bet that a foodservice consulting firm could turn around the district’s struggling diet program. However, the decision was far from unanimous.

At the Wellsville School District’s regular 90-minute meeting, members asked businesses to submit proposals to initiate programs in accordance with the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Education’s Division of Nutrition, and then formed a nutrition group to manage the district’s program. made a contract with Board members Gary Altizer, John Morrow and Rick Salisbury voted in favor of the bill, while colleagues Chris Amart and Austin Dalrymple abstained and it passed.

Belesik, the latest Colombiana County district to sign a deal with Nutrition Group, said he believed East Liverpool would be the only one holding out.

Ed Swogger, a spokesman for the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE), said the company’s proposal projected profits of just $1,400 and the move, which was set to cost the district $100,000 a year. expressed opposition to

Bereschik said the $100,000 contract only included $10,000 in profits for the group, with the remaining $10,000 going toward administrative costs and grocery purchases.

Another photo of Wellsville’s tiger mascot posing with an unidentified village youth and his fire hat at the district’s back-to-school bash on Tuesday afternoon, with the Tiger Bounce House appearing in the background. Photographed. In addition to hot dogs, popcorn and snow cones, the event included a variety of inflatables and games for families who stopped by. Did. (Featured by The Review/Stephanie Ujhelyi)

Two years ago, he and Althiser, president of the board, said they were impressed by what they saw when they toured the company’s operations, which are based on the Salem school system. Nutrition Group not only improved the profitability of Salem’s school cafeteria, but also provided students and staff with innovative and delicious cuisine. For example, at the time, a representative from a school in Salem detailed how the program, under the guidance of a nutrition group, made him $300,000 in profit that year.

The superintendent estimates that this change will not only improve profitability, but also improve student participation, which is currently around 78%.

For as long as they can remember, Wellsville officials have been accustomed to supplementing funding for the district’s food service program, including breakfast and lunch, from the General Fund. That was until I received more money (88 cents for lunch and 25 cents for breakfast). However, that additional funding was phased out for the next academic year.

Instead, the school district will be reimbursed an extra 49 cents per lunch.

By engaging a nutrition group, you can serve groups like pre-game student-athletes dinner and get even more reimbursement.

Lieutenant Marsha Eisenhart’s Wellsville Police Cruiser is parked in the foreground of the Wellsville Tigers Band Bus in the rear parking lot. She was handing out water Tuesday afternoon behind the high school during the district’s back-to-school bash. rice field. The event was attended by a wide variety of inflatables and games, as well as various vendors and distributors. Wellsville hasn’t hosted an event since the pandemic, according to Superintendent Richard Beresczyk. (Featured by The Review/Stephanie Ujhelyi)

Bereschik asked the board to trust him on the matter for at least a year and to see how the school district operates. He considered the $20,000 risk a bet he was willing to make. Especially when he estimated that hiring a full-time in-house admin/manager would cost him $80,000 in combined salary and benefits.

This is a one-year voluntary agreement with an escape clause that allows either party to leave on 90 days’ notice.

Dalrymple and Amato had some questions after hearing Swogger, but weren’t happy with the answers, especially considering they wanted to see more financial gains. .

Although he was unable to provide any guarantees to anyone, the bill passed by simple majority and Bereschik still stands by his decision to support the move.

Among other actions, Board members also:

Melissa Galbreth of the Columbiana County Center for Educational Services assists Rowen Mason, 4, of East Liverpool in the Turtle Rescue Flame game at the Wellsville School District’s back-to-school bash on Tuesday afternoon. Children who successfully threw a stuffed turtle into the hole won candy as a prize. Galbreath puts his family and children first, while Mason attends preschool at Wellesville’s Kidducation. Games were included. Various vendors and agencies also participated in the event along with the village security forces. (Featured by The Review/Stephanie Ujhelyi)

— accepted the resignation of assistant cook Regina Kupsky.

— Approved Magic Moments as the new school photographer and created interim bus schedules for the 2022-2023 school year.

— Accepted donations from Martin-MacLean-Altmeyer and Roberts Funeral Home, Better Homes USA Ltd., Wellsville Care and Share, and Marathon Gas. and Dr. Moore and Kohler head to the district’s back-to-school bash on Tuesday night.

– Approved students in grades 5 and 6 to attend Camp Fitch on September 7-9, Kelly Dalrymple, Erin Orr, Kayla Reese, Natalie Mathes, Mikel Williams and Amanda Winston , Jace Cartwright, Hayden Dalrymple.

— March 23-26 in Nashville, Tennessee for high school choir accompanied by Aaron Banfil, Lori Traina, Katie Laura, Jonathan Kinkeed, Lindsay Clifton, Dana Pucci and Rachel Dieringer Approved an excursion to

The Wellsville Tiger Mascot got the chance to meet some friends in front of the Tiger Bounce House set up behind the Wellsville High School campus during the back-to-school bash on Tuesday afternoon. In addition to hot dogs, popcorn and snow cones, the event included a variety of inflatables and games for families who stopped by. . (Featured by The Review/Stephanie Ujhelyi)

— Tricia Guglielmo, hired an intervention specialist. Mitchell McDowell, 4th grade teacher. and Camryn Jackson, a short-time parapro.

– Approved Shelby Householder and Marie Martin as Junior Class Advisors and Alaina Kilpatrick to oversee the Commonwealth Program (CCIP).

– The Board also includes Pat Person, Terry Flint, Tina Smith, Ann Chamberlain, Nick Beyer, Jerry Burns, John Bryan, Linda Ronkart, Mathisin Infanty, Pat McNichol, Nicholas Approved alternates for Talbot, Zach Kinsey, Brenda Brach, and Nicole Sears. Joni Bergart, David Thompson, Mark Jones, Kinsey Woodward, Susan McKee.

— John Morrow was nominated by his peers as a representative to the Ohio Board of Education Capital Conference, and Rick Salisbury was nominated as a deputy.

Board members also approved a resolution on September 23 allowing the hiring of substitute teachers with a one-year non-bachelor’s degree substitute teacher license obtained through the Ohio Department of Education. It said that traditional methods would be preferred and substitutions in this manner could only be substituted for 60 days under this resolution.

The Columbiana County Educational Services Center will also be contracted for technical services for the coming year.

A new regularly scheduled meeting of the Wellsville School Board will be held on Monday, September 19th at 6:30 pm at the High School Media Center.

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