What Google data tells us about the sports betting market in Ontario, USA

The US sports betting industry is not short of data. State-by-state reporting means much more visibility into the market than anywhere else.

However, there are many gray areas that are still unclear, including the offshore market. To shed light on these shadows, LSR Sourced some “softer” data, courtesy of Google.

Here’s what I learned:

US offshore sports betting is still huge

Google can’t give you a specific name, but one offshore brand will be searched 3.6 times As often as their regulated equivalents across the United States, according to Google. 1.4 times Regulated sportsbook states.

that is LSR’s Our own analysis finds that offshore sports betting is still booming:

What about mature markets?

Old states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana have reversed this trend.

number of searches for regulated brands 3 times As much as unregulated brands:

for example, pennsylvania, FanDuel Sportsbook acquisition 97% Number of searches combining “FanDuel” and “Bovada”.

of texasit just gets 14%.

Regulation Drives Channel Shift

Arizona Sports betting helps highlight the changes that are taking place as markets regulate:

vice versa, Florida It helps highlight what happens when there are no legal sports betting options. in Florida, Bobada alone half of all searches.

Novice bettors drive surge in New York sports betting

Google’s data also helped us learn more about who actually signed up loosely. One million A new account opened in the first month of sports betting in New York.

New York search numbers suggest a significant increase in novice gamblers.For example, overall betting searches were up 94% Year after year.

But searches for ‘how to bet on sports’ were on the rise 383% Year after year.

Same-game parley is the king of sports betting in the US

Google’s data also highlighted the changing nature of the products themselves.

from December 2021 To January 2022increased searches for ‘same game parlay’ 177% By month.By comparison, searches for ‘sports betting’ increased twenty four%.

This growth can be attributed to carriers themselves pushing SGP in their marketing.

Given that it’s hardly surprising. Massive hold rate about those products.

Who are Ontario’s leading gray market companies?

Finally, some early data on sports betting in Ontario suggests that gray market companies are leading the way.

of course, score bet seems to perform best in app downloadso you may need some old-fashioned handle numbers to draw conclusions.

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