What’s on the menu for this year’s Fashion Week at Bergdorf Goodman?designer drinks

Designer drinks, anyone? To mark his week in New York Fashion, Bergdorf Goodman will create a list of his cocktails custom to some of America’s fashion industry’s most famous figures, including Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera’s Wes Gordon, Sergio Hudson and Christopher John Rogers. I asked you to

With the help of Temple Bar’s expert mixologists, they delivered. ) and Hudson’s The Hudson Chiller (Tequila, Amaro, Cucumber, Strawberry, Lemon). .

For those still conscious of summer, try the Kors Krush with peach and orange blossom vodka, lemon juice and basil. “Basil leaves mixed with peach and orange vodka, wherever you are, a sunset with an incredible ocean view he’ll get you right into the drink,” says Kors.

Puppets & Puppets “Dirty Dog Water” Cocktail is a twist on the classic Dirty Martini.Photo: Heather Phelps Lipton

Carly Marks of Puppets and Puppets put their own spin on the classic dirty martini by swapping out the vermouth for sherry. “I love nothing more than a dirty martini after a long, hard day,” she says. trend. “Ordering with friends is a great way to relax when everything around me feels crazy.” Marks playfully names her liquor “Dirty Dog Water.” I was. This is a tribute to her beloved pet and inspiration for the label. “It was mandatory to name my dog ​​and muse after her puppet,” she adds. “I can’t think of anything more relaxing than leaning against a nice big glass of puppet dirty dog ​​water.”

round the menu? Studio 189’s “Rose Valentina” complex, which includes Japanese whiskey, blanc vermouth, plum wine, ginger, lemon, orange blossom and perilla, and Gordon’s “Herrera Marigold” with tequila, honey and lime.

If you can’t make it to Bergdorf Goodman, whip up these chic cocktails at your local home bar. Below is the recipe for “The Hudson Chiller.” Take a sip and enjoy, preferably while live-streaming the Fendi show.

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