“When I read about myself, it spirals”

Thanks to his time in the MCU, Tom Holland has become one of the biggest young stars in the entire film industry.his latest appearance Spider-Man: No Way Home It just took him to new heights because that movie was the top box office hit.the avengers A movie about the history of the MCU behind a stunning Dutch performance.

Throughout his time in the MCU, Holland’s social media presence has become fairly regular, with his Twitter and Instagram accounts amassing nearly 75 million combined followers. He has used his presence for much more than just promoting the film, a charity founded by a Dutch family to help provide funding and support to other charities in need. It also acts as a major part of a brother’s trust.

But now, after a marked drop in postings from the Netherlands, no way homeWith the release of , the actor shared a message on social media updating his fans about his future.

spiderman star leaves social media

MCU star Tom Holland shared on Instagram that he is leaving social media as he has removed the Instagram and Twitter applications from his device.

Holland briefly returned and shared this decision in a three-minute video letting fans know he was taking it offline to care for his own mental health. He also took the time in the video to promote the Stem4 Teenage Mental Health Charity and his own charity, The Brothers Trust, to show support for mental health for all.

The Spider-Man star included the following caption:

“Hello and goodbye…I have been away from social media for my mental health, but felt I had to come here to talk about Stem4. It’s one of the many charities that I’m very proud of – and I’d like to take a moment to shine a light on their amazing work. Please take the time to watch my video. You can continue to help these wonderful charities thrive through the link in my bio to the Brothers Trust Shop where you can purchase .

Holland opened the video with the following message. “Too stimulating” When “Overwhelming” Both Twitter and Instagram could be for him, so he’s set to leave both for the foreseeable future.

“Hi everyone. I’ve been trying to make this video for about an hour now, but for someone I’ve spent 13, 14 years on, no matter how long I’ve been acting… I can’t seem to say what I need to do.I stay away from social media for my mental health because I think Instagram and Twitter are too stimulating.Reading about myself online fills my head and it’s really bad for my mental state, so I decided to take a step back and delete the app.”

You can watch the full Dutch video below:

Tom Holland takes a step back from the spotlight

As of August 2022, Tom Holland has more followers on Instagram than any MCU star other than Groot actor Vin Diesel, and his popularity has skyrocketed over the past five years.After becoming the lead actor in the biggest pop culture movie since Avengers: Endgamehe has reached a level of fame that few actors can reach, and that seems to have taken its toll on him.

Being a Hollywood actor at any level in Hollywood is mentally exhausting, especially in the current 24/7 climate that social media brings with it, as both fans and media are talking about their favorite movie stars. It can be taxing and rewarding. There’s also a large portion of that debate that could be negative, and no matter where it comes from, stars like Holland can’t help but take in those comments every day.

Holland recently celebrated his 26th birthday, which should remind fans of how young he still is, even after six years in the MCU as Spider-Man.public relations with him spiderman Co-star Zendaya also regularly keeps him in the public eye, and has repeatedly discussed how stressful it must be for both of them as they grow up together.

Whether or not Holland will return to social media remains to be seen, but that decision will likely be made when he feels it’s the right time to do so. He likely has only a few projects on his resume before. spiderman 4the MCU star hopes to have the opportunity to make his life as comfortable as possible because it promotes the same mental health for all.

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