When is Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Week?

Dubbed ‘Press Week’ in 1943, Fashion Week is an industry event that showcases the latest products from established and up-and-coming fashion designers and Maisons. The popular event also welcomes star-studded celebrities and street style stars for a series of runway shows and presentations.

Starting in New York and ending in Paris, Fashion Month takes place every two years in February and September in the world’s most famous fashion capitals: New York, London, Milan and Paris. Other global fashion weeks take place in Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Seoul, Shanghai and many more. While some designers don’t adhere to traditional calendar dates, designers presenting collections ahead of the season mean paying attention to spring fall trends and fall spring trends. starts before the official dates.

Familiar names like Michael Kors and Tory Burch and major fashion houses like Saint Laurent, Dior and Gucci regularly attend Fashion Weeks, while Christopher John Rogers and Peter Doe are among the most popular of the season. and release collections on your own schedule. This shift towards more seasonless fashion has become more popular since the pandemic.Aside from these womenswear shows, menswear, resort and haute couture shows are held at various times of the year. .

This year’s Fashion Month starts on Friday, September 9th in New York City and runs through Tuesday, October 4th in Paris. Filled with countless runway shows, celebrity sightings and street style moments. Read on for everything you need to know about fashion weeks around the world.

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