Where did Calvin Ridley bet on last season’s NFL games?

of NFL pause Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley at least 2022 Season to bet on league games.

The league announced Monday that Ridley bet on an NFL game on his cell phone. over 5 days November 2021.

Ridley was not playing for the Falcons at the time and was away from the team. mental health cause.

Calvin Ridley NFL Betting Details

Ridley placed several parlays, including a bet on the Falcons to win. ESPN’s Adam ShefterRidley reportedly didn’t bet on the Falcons losing the game.

The league said there was no involvement of active players or coaches and no use of insider information.

Ridley said on Twitter that he bet in total $1,500 About the game, and “(has) no gambling problem.”

Where was Ridley betting?

there was ridley florida when betting many report.

athletic NFL reporter Lindsay Jones Ridley is hard rock sportsbook App to place 3 parlays.

The activity raises red flags, genius sports notified the NFL of the bet. Genius works with the NFL and regulated sportsbooks on integrity monitoring. A deal with the league began in 2021 after a bidding war with other providers.

In November 2021, hard rock sportsbook The app was live in the states.

what the NFL said

The league issued a statement announcing Ridley’s suspension.

“Nothing is more fundamental to the NFL’s success, and the reputation of everyone associated with the league, than maintaining the integrity of the game,” the NFL Commissioner said. Roger Goodell Said.

“Your actions threaten to jeopardize the integrity of the game, undermine public confidence in professional football, and could damage the reputation of your fellow players throughout the NFL.

“For decades, gambling at an NFL game has been viewed as one of the most serious violations of league policy requiring the most serious sanctions. In your case, report promptly for an interview. and acknowledge and commend you for acknowledging your actions.”

of Atlanta Falcons He said he had been contacted about the league’s investigation. February 9.

“Since being notified, the team has fully cooperated with the investigation and supports the league’s findings and actions,” the team said.

Integrity Under Siege?

The suspension is the latest in a series of problems with consistency in the NFL.

miami dolphins owner Stephen Ross He is currently under investigation for allegedly bribing his head coach into losing games. return 2019 League suspended Arizona Cardinals player Josh Shaw to bet on games.

Of course, the league now has a number of official gambling partners who want to take their perceived integrity issues seriously. However, the penalties are likely to be severe. some others The NFL has been scattered over the past few years.

ridley also considered a problem in suspension length.the intended receiver $11.2 million You can appeal the penalty next year.

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