Where is youth sports headed with kids ranked in grade school?

The 8-year-old boy from Stockton is rated one of the top junior basketball players in the country by several national websites.

The amazing story of King Tali Johnson, written by Connor Letourneau of The Chronicle, raises an important question: Is it crazy to have an eight-year-old ranking?

of course.that is way Too late for a toddler to plug into the pipeline. Fortunately, some rating experts rank kindergarteners.

How do you think your kindergarten son or daughter has to defend a 5-year-old superstar signed to Nike? 2 Whose agent negotiated him for the Juice Box deal?

For a second I thought the story of the Stockton youth was a prank, like the 1985 Sports Illustrated story about a Mets pitching prospect named Sid Finch who threw a 168 mph fastball. George Plimpton’s April Fool’s story actually fooled many readers.

In Letourneau’s story, a 168 mph heater is harder to believe than a hoop rating scout who says he’s rating kindergarteners. I’m going to be a freshman soon. “

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