White House aims to increase availability of monkeypox vaccine

With the total number of monkeypox cases in the United States reaching 16,000, the White House is further increasing the availability of the monkeypox vaccine.

The White House response team said it is in Phase 4 of its current vaccine strategy, with officials saying they have shipped an additional 188,000 additional vaccine vials (940,000 doses).

The White House has allocated 1.1 million vials of the Jynneos vaccine, shipped half to the FDA, and approved the treatment for emergency use.

“By the end of Phase 4, we would have provided states and jurisdictions with enough virus to provide more than 3 million doses of the vaccine,” said Dawn O’Connell, assistant director of preparedness and response. “That means we have provided nearly enough vaccine to reach at-risk populations.”

While there has been a lot of progress, health officials said they were able to prove that 48,000 vials had been shipped to the state as of Monday, with 85% of the supply used.

Ashwin Vassan, Commissioner of the city’s health department, issued the following statement regarding the case of monkeypox at a young age:

“There is an outbreak of juvenile cases of MPV (or monkeypox) in New York City. I also know

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