White Sapphire is Officially the New Diamond in the Social Set

…is White Sapphire actually a girl’s best friend?

Hey – if a Riviere necklace suits you!

Brand from Los Angeles Dorsey has taken the trend toward brilliance in style sets and created an affordable, equally brilliant gemstone alternative.

From Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Roberts to Hailey Bieber, Taylor Swift and Hilary Rhoda, everyone wears Dorsey’s collection of lab-grown white sapphire jewelry.

I mean, why wear fake diamonds when you can wear real white sapphires?

elegant single stone strand,chic bezel cut bracelet,Timeless princess cut necklacesplendidly drop earringsand let’s not forget their latest eye-popping design – floral cut collar necklace Attract attention in any occasion.

Whether paired with a gorgeous gown or a simple old t-shirt, Dorsey’s necklaces, ranging from $310 to $1,000, are the perfect finishing touch.

As expected, given the affordability, the style is certainly in demand and tends to sell out quickly.

our best advice? Run, don’t walk!

[Photos via Dorsey]

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