Why is CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson promoting Offshore’s Book Bovada?

The offshore sportsbook market continues to thrive thanks to the confusion between legal and illegal.The latest example of that confusion is notable CBSsports reporter Josina AndersonIt seems to be a brand ambassador for offshore sportsbooks Bobada.

“Many people don’t know” pen CEO Jay Snowden Said Analyst last year.

What’s going on with Josina Anderson?

Over the past few months, Anderson has been tagging Bobada Bottom of news tweets.

These promos are interspersed with tweets about her work as a CBS Sports Insider. To the casual observer, the promotion is almost indistinguishable from her CBS production.

she has also been interview NFL favorite player Adrian Peterson on a program called bobada live. According to Anderson’s post, the partnership has been going on since at least the Super Bowl.

What about the CBS deal with Caesars?

In addition, CBS has extensive partnerships with law firms. caesars sportsbookWhat do you think about Caesars paying CBS to promote their products while key CBS personnel are promoting illegal offshore operators?

Anderson, CBS and Caesars did not respond to requests for comment at the time of writing.

Anderson hasn’t tagged Bobada in any post since. LSR I contacted her about a partnership.

deliberate tactics

Of course, offshore books are motivated to blur the line between legal and illegal.

some operators are even Branding stolen from law books Trick your customers into downloading your app.

“Most importantly, it is still difficult for customers to determine which bookmakers are licensed and which are not.” Manuel Stansaid Kindred U.S. Senior Vice President LSR last year.

Bobada offshore problem?

In fact, Bovada is now a reminder of the risks associated with offshore sports betting.

The operator has been experiencing various technical issues over the last four days.offshore book said on monday We are working on fixing the issue and would have provided an update 6 p.m. Thursday.

Of course, sports betting isn’t legal in their state, so many people are just turning to bobada in the first place.

Source: Reddit/r/Bovada

The ongoing black market problem

last week, Bet MGM CEO Adam green brat the black market said should do it It will disappear over time due to “product superiority” and continued marketing by legitimate operators.

but he also asked Sensible regulations to combat offshore books:

“As an industry, we got a fair share, but certainly not all of the betters in US-based sports that were active before PASPA fell apart.” To do so, you just need to check the search and traffic volume for sites that still serve the US from offshore.

Google the data suggests offshore book garner Three times As much search activity as law books across the country. That drops dramatically in more mature and legal sports betting states. new jersey.

Cracking down on offshore books

of american gaming association (AGA) recently highlighted the issue of black market operators, specifically Bovada.

Bobada explained 50% of all sports betting searches in states such as floridasaid AGA.

The group called Department of Justice to crack down on those operators.

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