Why Kevin Durant’s ultimatum to the Nets needs a one-word response from owner Joe Tsai

Kevin Durant’s achievements include: He’s not afraid to go to his mattress.

But let admiration, awe, or understanding stop there. Durant reportedly sat down with Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai this week to me or them ultimatum It’s the latest evidence that the only thing Durant does better than basketball is his incredible talent for turning tone-deafness into an art form.

He’s a diva May Care. And Tsai has to say the same words Nets general manager Sean Marks said to this guy, as we suggested here when news of Durant’s trade request first surfaced. .

No, Kevin, you are not responsible.

No, Kevin, we’re not blowing up our team, replacing you, or – cuing Durant’s latest power play – firing all the adults in the room. Reaction to difficulties.

Durant reportedly told Nets owners in London that they would have to either trade him or fire head coaches Steve Nash and Marks.

Durant is “transparent and professional,” as Shams Charania reported in The Athletic, so it’s not an explanation for the supposed mood of the powerful Confab. All of this is happening, including the timing and tone of this news story, because we’ve made it a habit not to.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to read this article from world-class NBA newsbreaker Charania. Charania is sometimes transparent and speculative about its willingness to water sources that enable them to provide such accurate and valuable information. Durant or those close to him leaked the report in exchange for casting all this in a favorable light.

As such, KD’s latest me-me-me-me move is marketed as an on-board power broker who handles such difficulties with calm maturity. Just don’t buy it.

Get rid of the payoff that is the heart of breaking sports news. “I don’t believe in team direction” actually means:

Like: Durant asked for a trade, Marks said no, and the superstar, unfamiliar with the word, responded with next-level moves. You know, despite the details that just one year before the Tsai conference, Durant signed his four-year, $198 million contract extension.

Durant isn’t just saying keep me or keep me. He says that no matter how the Newsbreaker tries to present his latest diva demands, either trade him or make him the boss.

You see, Durant is an otherworldly talent and a dedicated basketball player. His talent is nothing short of miraculous, and his love of the game is evident. He’s also by all accounts a great guy when he doesn’t go full diva. Humans are complex and can do many things at once. He is talented, dedicated, hungry, kind, interesting, insightful, and full of petty grievances and anxieties.

This is not to say Durant is a bad person. Many of the greatest players of all time are very twisted and want to be GMs. Watch one of Tsai, the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron’s James West to see real-time reminders of the real world.

To trade Durant (at the right price) or not. Trust him or decide enough is enough. But last year was tough, so don’t let Durant burn it all down. Don’t let him hold you hostage because he didn’t give in to demanding a deal that would ravage the Nets without a fair return. Don’t let him end the run of a Hall of Famer who deserves more time showing what he can and can’t do as a head coach.

This is scorched. I’m sick, please let me go. You don’t just let me go, you fire everyone. I’m not going to fire everyone. It’s time for a public news bomb pressure campaign.

That’s the other part of this.

It’s hard to believe that Tsai and those around him would entertain the thought of leaking this news. Nets owners don’t have to exploit themselves by leaking blockbuster news to put pressure on themselves. he is the decision maker. So, given that this report from Shams is from Durant and those around him, it’s very clear, especially given Durant’s rosy presentation about doomsday, that KD will be out in 24 hours. , asked Tsai to fire Nash and Marks, in an attempt to publicly pressure Tsai to do so.

It’s a tantrum. Or hardball baseball. or both. Either way, it’s bad business. One word remains in the responseEither trade generational talent like KD for less than you want, or fire GMs who don’t, along with his handpicked head coaches.


no Kevin.


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