Why Teladoc Health Was a Sick Stock Today

what happened

Teladoc Healthof (TDOC -8.87%) Stocks were no indication of financial health on Wednesday. Investors fell nearly 9% after analysts downgraded the stock with recommended ratings.

So what

Its analyst, Guggenheim’s Sandy Draper, has downgraded Teladoc’s recommendation to sell from a previous neutral with a price target of $25 a share. Even after Wednesday’s drop, this means the stock’s level has fallen more than 30% of his.

Draper feels Teladoc is still overexposed to the consumer segment. Of course, as a telemedicine service provider, we are not particularly restricted by borders. On business spending, the analyst wrote of a “challenging macro environment that is prolonging the sales cycle in corporate decision-making.”

Teladoc is a star healthcare stock that has lost its luster. It was a hot item during the coronavirus pandemic as telemedicine solutions became a viable option in a world of closed offices. There is a growing sense that the company’s best days are past.


However, it’s important to note that Teladoc still has a small following. This crowd includes many analysts, some of whom are unhesitatingly bullish. One, he’s DA Davidson’s Robert Simmons, and late last week he started covering Teladoc shares with a buy recommendation with a target price of $45 per share. In his research notes, Simmons said the scale and diversity of telemedicine the company has achieved will continue to drive future growth.

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