Will Jackpockets be lucky for New Jersey’s Mega Millions players?

If you haven’t discussed it with anyone, $1.1 billion Mega Millions This week’s jackpot, you probably haven’t had much conversation.Wanna-be millionaires looking forward to tomorrow night’s draw talk about everything from how to use the lottery app jack pocket Purchase a ticket for the number selection method.

Relatedly, the founder and CEO of Jackpocket Pete Sullivan talked with NJGamblingSites.com Today about Garden State lottery buyers. He claims they are very lucky with the app and can find their fortune.

he said jack pocket 7% Of all Mega Millions tickets sold after April 19th, 8.5% Sold in New Jersey. Tomorrow night’s draw jackpot continues to grow since April 19th.

Familiarity with the app may be part of the reason Garden Staters click Jackpocket. In 2019, the company was registered as the first “courier” new jersey lottery.

Additionally, in December 2021, Jackpocket announced the launch of its first online casino app of the year in Garden State.

But that’s not why New Jersey’s Mega Millions players are actively superstitious about jackpockets.

as Sullivan says NJGamblingSites.com today:

Jackpocket has the highest prize money of any US mobile gaming platform. A lucky Jackpocket user in Union County, New Jersey won $9.4 million.

It’s no small change, but Jackpocket has a lot more history within Garden State.

What Jack Pocket Said About New Jersey

Sullivan singled out New Jersey’s Jackpocket stats NJGamblingSites.com today.his company 11 Other US Jurisdictions.

he says NJGamblingSites.com:

• New Jersey players won over $40 million in Jackpocket lottery

• 6 NJ players won over $1M

• New Jersey’s recent big jackpocket winner was a 20-year-old student who won $1 million on Cash4Life.

• New Jersey is home to the top 2 happiest zip codes in the app in Q2 2022. Bayonne, New Jersey 07002 (won a total of $1,371,910). Passaic County, New Jersey 07508 (won a total of $1,009,099)

Back in this week’s New Jersey City Conversation, Jackpocket documented what the 20-year-old decided to do.

Jackpocket told him about his win in May. quick pick Number:

The winner and his girlfriend joke that he will finish school if he wins a large prize, but he said he plans to continue his studies.

No doubt most of the talk today will be about whether or not to quit your job and take a vacation to a Caribbean beach. $ 1,000,000 Buy real estate in New Jersey. Perhaps he thought Garden State was his lucky spot.

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