Will Smith’s Q-score, which measures public attractiveness, is revealed.entertainment

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Fallout from Will Smith‘s Oscar slap continues.

on thursday variety The actor’s Q-score, the industry standard for measuring celebrity mass appeal, has reportedly dropped significantly since he slapped the host. chris rock The stage of the Academy Awards in March.

Twice a year in January and July, about 2,000 consumers aged 6 and up are surveyed about their opinions on celebrities.

Prior to the live television incident, Smith had a Q-score of 39.That is, her 39% of respondents of Fresh Prince of Bel Air Star as one of their favorite celebrities. However, his score has fallen to 24, according to the July report. Henry Schaefer, Executive VP of Q Scores, described it as a “very large and sharp decline”.

His negative Q-score jumped from 10 to 26. This means that his 26% of those surveyed have an “okay” or “bad” opinion of the actor.

As for The Rock, his plus and minus Q-scores remained unchanged after the incident, ranking at 20 and 14 respectively.

Smith won his first Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Richard Williams. king richard During the 2022 ceremony.

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