Worcester, Springfield Named Hottest Real Estate Market in America

Last month, two Massachusetts communities ranked among the top 10 most popular markets in the country.

realtor.comLast year’s buyers were looking for cheaper homes in lesser-known communities inland, away from expensive coastal cities, this year’s buyers are looking for just one thing, according to a new report from . We are considering. Bargain? “

at Realtor.com Hottest U.S. Real Estate Market in August Reportwith home prices below the national median of $435,000 in 16 of the report’s top 20 markets, affordability was found to be a top priority among homeowners.

“August’s list of most popular markets highlights the theme of affordability, with the top 20 markets averaging just $332,000, a 24% discount from the national median,” it said. . George Latiou Economic Research Manager at Realtor.com. “As home prices, rent, gas, energy, and other consumer prices leave consumers with less money in their pockets at the end of each month, homebuyers are looking high and low for more affordable housing. increase.”

Worcester, less than an hour west of Boston, ranked eighth. The median list price for Worcester homes is $449,900, up from $390,000 for his last year.

Springfield ranked 10th with a median list price of $344,900.

According to the report, the rankings were determined by the metropolitan areas where homes are selling fastest and the areas where potential buyers still look to the company’s website to find deals.

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