You are paying more child support this year. Here are some ways to save.

parents! This is what your bank account already knows. You are paying more for childcare this year.

Investopedia’s Caleb Silver said: “In New Jersey, infant care alone costs about $13,000 a year, or over $1,000 a month. Childcare costs about $10,855 a year, or about $900 a month, which is very expensive.

For some New Jersey families, the average cost of childcare can exceed 14% of annual income. This is estimated to be twice the affordable price recommended by the Economic Policy Institute.

In addition to comparing the costs of various day care centers near you, Money Management International’s website offers several ways to save money.

Consider sharing or exchanging child care with other parents you trust.

Consider joining or forming a babysitting cooperative to arrange a free exchange of babysitting services. There are apps that can help, such as Babysitters Co-op and Sit-ins.

You may also be eligible for subsidized childcare because of your school, employer, or military service.

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