Youth Recreation Sports Club supports Roanoke kids on and off the field

Roanoke, Va. (WDBJ) – With travel sports growing in popularity in the area, a local youth recreation club wants to remind parents of the benefits Star City can offer to their children.

“Especially in the last two years, the South East, GSA, Star City and Williamson Road Wreck Clubs have all come together as one group. , to spread the word that our sport is available, because a lot of the community doesn’t yet know it’s an option,” explains Anthony Poindexter of the Southeast rec club. .

For many families, introducing children to new sports is a more viable option.

“Usually the biggest difference when you’re playing travel is that it’s much more competitive than Wreck. You’re playing with people from multiple states, not just your own region. Of course, We need more travel and more funding,” he says. “The bill is only $75 for him, compared to some trips I’ve heard he’s $300.”

Make accessibility a key component in teaching children not just sports but life skills.

“They learn teamwork, responsibility, and even honest courage. In football, it’s mostly all freshman players, so they have to overcome their fears and get used to new people, new things, and new experiences,” Poindexter said. I will add.

Developing passions that help children make better choices.

“It’s really one of our main takeaways, is the fact that there aren’t many positive things kids can do in the Roanoke City area,” believes Poindexter. “As gun violence and things of that nature are on the rise, we are more aggressively promoting sports and the community events we do, and gaining positive role models.”

A role model who devotes his time to the community.

“This is all volunteer-based and there are no rewards for those holding these positions because it is something everyone involved wants to do for love and community,” he points out.

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