YouTube generated 35 billion. Japanese Economy’s Yen in 2021: Survey

Video-sharing platform YouTube generated more than ¥350 billion ($2.5 billion) in economic impact in Japan last year. Part of that was due to advertising revenue paid to his creators of content.

Increased website use due to the coronavirus pandemic pushed up the economic impact from 239 billion yen a year earlier, according to the results of a study commissioned by a US company to British research firm Oxford Economics.

The illustration in the photo shows the Youtube logo on the smartphone screen. (SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty/Kyodo)

Platforms that allow people to post videos of various genres and businesses to distribute news and entertainment have also created the equivalent of over 100,000 full-time jobs.

We also calculated the economic effect of the product advertising revenue and the purchase of the equipment and services necessary for content production.

The job creation numbers were calculated by equating total working hours to full-time employees, since some people put only a few hours a week into content creation.

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